About Us

Welcome to Crag Lifescience

Crag Lifescience is one of the growing company in field of Pharmaceutical Industry. Company has strengthen its capabilities in the leadership of Experienced and Dynamic CEO of "Crag Lifescience".

We are established in Kolkata and committed to make difference in  quality medicine supply with the help of our expert and intelligent team members. Crag Life is leading the way in our pharma industry with pharmaceutical products of the best quality. It is the matter of trust that  we supply high volume of medicine to different region of India. 

We are supplying different ranges of products like- Gyno, Gastro, Skin care, Cardiac, Eye, Antibiotic and in General segment. Crag Lifescience offers a wide range of generic and branded pharmaceutical drugs including tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, liquids, and injectables that are ready for immediate delivery around the globe.

We're Certified

We are Kolkata based ISO Certified Company

Years Experience

Delivering our services for more than 5 years.

Trusted Medicine Partner

We are having collaboration with trusted medicine manufacturer.

100% Safe & Trusted

Safety is the major concern in medicine world and we can not compromise with it.